The Bead Trunk Show is Here!

We are so excited to bring back our very Bead Trunk Show Event!

Sloan+Themis is holding it's Semi Annual Bead Show on July 23rd - August 8th. We have worked with one of our suppliers to bring you the largest collection of beads between St. Louis and Nashville -- including gemstones, turquoise, sterling silver, sea glass, crystal, freshwater pearls and much more. This show is open to the jewelry lovers and craft enthusiasts a like. Hours for the show are

Sneak preview 7/22 from 11am -5:30pm
7/23 - 7/25  from 11am - 5:30pm
7/29 - 8/1 from 11am - 5:30pm
8/5 - 8/8 from 11am - 5:30pm

Location: Sloan+Themis @ 31C N. Main St. in Downtown Cape Girardeau!

This event only happens twice per year. So don't miss out!

BTW! Save 10% on all Trunk Show orders of $75.00 or more. Check Store for details.


Sloan+Themis Style Report

Something Blue 
Old, new, borrowed and blue! Here at Sloan+Themis we carry an array of beautiful blues. Want to match with your loved one? We have the Overton Park Sterling Silver Cufflinks for him and the Memphis Vintage Glass Earrings for her. Our Dallas and Fort Worth Bracelets also incorporate gorgeous freshwater pearls for that timeless touch of vintage blue. 

Color of the Year
Want to mix marsala into your look this year? We have just what you need. Our use of rhodolite garnet gives that gorgeous pop of rich berry color to warm up your winter style. The Baton Rouge Necklace is a stunning piece and to compliment that we have the Beaufort Bracelet as well as the Louisville Marsala Cufflinks for him. 

Sophisticated Southern Belle 
Inspired by the well-traveled, sophisticated Southern belle, this collection is rich with vintage meets modern. The lovely Savannah Bracelet features vintage Japanese glass. In harmony, we have the Nashville Earrings and the South Lake Necklace with a unique Siam silver pendant.

Rifle Paper Co. & Tokyo Milk products courtesy of Annie Em's at Home.


Materials+Their Story: Turquoise

You can almost never go wrong with turquoise. This blue-green gem looks good in almost any piece of jewelry. Vintage turquoise jewelry has become favorably collected and sought after by many people, including historians and Western American collectors. Sloan+Themis takes pride in using this precious material and the bold accents it can bring.

As early as 5500 B.C. turquoise was used for beads by the Egyptians. The stone was combined with gold to produce intricate pieces of jewelry and Pharaohs wore it as prized possessions.
Further into history, tribes such as the Aztecs believed the turquoise stone was sacred. It was believed to bring good fortune, happiness and a long life. Out of it, they made elaborate masks and other adornments for special ceremonies and rituals.

Turquoise was one of the first gems to be mined in the Western United States. It was so popular, many of the original mine sites have been depleted but today they’re a select few mines still open in South West America including California, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado. Some of the mines include Cave Creek, Lavender Pit, Llanada, the Florence Mine and Kingman Mine. Although these mines are open, they usually run commercially and not by hand like hey once were. Interestingly enough, when turquoise isn’t being mined for, it’s often come across in copper mining. The materials left behind from copper mining can create turquoise since the existence of copper is what gives turquoise that blue color.

Mining and treating turquoise is a very tedious process. The first step is to explore and search for it. Imagine looking for reflections of blue-green colors in mounds of dirt, rocks and debris. Pretty intricate, but finding gems in the earth such as turquoise can be breathtaking.
After the exploring process is done, the findings are then evaluated to determine if they are good enough for distribution. Coming across a flawless piece of turquoise is tough!

Manufacturing companies like Tiffany’s produced majority of American jewelry containing turquoise prior to 1910.This is when the leap from Indian style turquoise jewelry to American styled turquoise jewelry became prevalent. America’s fascination with turquoise for use of jewelry began in the 1920s. This is when more people started to recognize the beauty of it.

The history, luxurious appearance and durability of turquoise are among the many reasons why we here at Sloan+Themis love incorporating it within many of our pieces. Check out these pieces that will satisfy your turquoise needs: Kiawah Necklace, Outer Banks Gemstone Bracelet.


How to Find a Bracelet That Fits

Shopping online is a great, convenient way to find what you need quickly. When shopping for jewelry online, it may be simple to buy pieces such as necklaces and earrings that come in standard sizing, but what happens when stumbling across a gorgeous bracelet? Bracelets can a bit trickier when it comes to determining what size you need. When ordering from us, we want our bracelets to fit you properly!

People with small wrists may think the best fit for them is very tight, ensuring it's secure, as they are use to bracelets slipping off. People with larger wrists might believe the best size would be a looser bracelet ensuring that it won’t be tight, causing discomfort. This might be the most standard way to self-measure. What we found is a way that will ensure the perfect fit.

Here are a few tips on how to fit a bracelet:

STEP 1: Take about a foot of string and hold it at one end.

STEP 2: While holding the end, wrap the string around your wrist and connect it to a link that feels comfortable

STEP 3: Hold your wrist down and adjust the string to the point where it won’t slide off

STEP 4: Measure the piece of string and that should determine your bracelet size, voila!

Now knowing your wrist size, make sure while trying on the bracelet that it doesn't slip past the little bone between your thumb and wrist (carpal bone).

Sloan+Themis offers all of our handcrafted bracelets in lengths of 7.5 and 8 inches. For larger or smaller sizes, please contact us.